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The TED Gen CHP Range

Maintenance costs remain with TED Gen

monitoring remains responsibility of TED Gen

savings against tariff for the full term

Utilise recaptured waste heat

Industry leading CHP units from an experienced team

As our model is based on a partnership it’s in our interests to install the most reliable and highest quality equipment – as our tagline says – if the chp is not operational and saving money then we are not getting our investment back. We ensure are solutions are functional and effective.

We also understand our customer needs vary site by site – we communicate and plan with our customer to ensure the install fits the locations aesthetics and acoustic requirements. We offer a range of cladding, housing and sound proofing which allows in various environments be it next to infinity pools at spas or on industrial estates.

TED Gen CHP size ranges from 30kwh up to 5gwh.This allows us to work on an large industrial scale right down to single care homes and hotels.

The equipment and technology that we use to complete this process is state-of-the-art, and boasts the following features:

  • Highly Reliable German (MAN) Engine
  • Highly Reliable Alternator  (Leroy Somer)
  • High electrical efficiency – 35.5%
  • Good turn down electrical efficiency (33.1% efficiency at 50% output) 
  • Excellent total efficiency (85%+)
  • Fully packaged and enclosed scheme
  • Low Nox scheme
  • Quiet

TED Gen is careful to ensure that any CHPs installed are accurately sized to maximise both economic and environmental efficiency, and avoid latency or over production.

TED Generation can supply you with the perfect CHP Solution!

Choose a CHP unit that reflects the needs of your business

At TED Generation, we fully understand that differing industries have varying needs, which is why we are proud to offer a selection of different CHP units for you to choose from.

Our TED Gen CHP units are all acoustically enclosed, and are availble to be fuelled by either natural gases or biofuel. Take a look at the TED Gen CHP range below and start making savings today!

  • CG-NG Series; Premium CHP range, natural gas fueled, 50kWe to 1000kWe

  • CG-BG Series; Premium CHP range, biogas fueled, 50kWe to 1000kWe

  • GXC-NG Series; Budget CHP range, natural gas fueled, 50kWe to 520kWe

  • GXC-BG Series; Budget CHP range, biogas fueled, 50kWe to 520kWe

*kWe = Electric Power, kWth = Heat Power

If you would like to receive more information on any of the above systems, you can request a data sheet for the CHP unit of your choice by providing us with a few quick details and contacting TED Gen today!

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