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Reduce clients energy costs

What financial savings can you expect to see over the course of your CEA?

By signing a CEA agreement with the expert team and TED Gen, you will benefit from a Capex Freegas CHP unit that provides both substantial environmental and financial benefits.

In a main power station approximately 60% of the input energy is lost as waste heat through cooling towers and 20% through distribution and transmission losses, with only 20% on the energy actually delivered to the end user as electricity.

Whereas a TED Gen CHP unit generates heat and power of which 85%+ is delivered to the end user. This is done by utilising the latest CHP electrical technology to produce on-site power via highly efficient engines.

As a result of this, TED Gen clients typically see savings of £30,000 a year which can surpass over a quarter of a million pounds by the end of the initial CEA period!

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TED Gen can supply you with the perfect CHP Solution!

Our partnership agreement explained

By signing a CEA agreement with TED Gen, your business will receive the following perks:

  • TED Gen will cover the full cost of installation. Where needed, this will cover a variety of areas such as installation, design/planning/DNO authorisation, hardware and much more!
  • Operational costs covered by TED Gen
  • TED Gen will cover the full on-going costs of service and maintenance, for both parts and labour, which will include routine inspection servicing, annual main service, callouts and remote performance monitoring.
  • As part of the installation, TED Gen will install billing grade meters that will used to gather half hour data on electricity/heat generated and gas consumed
  • At the end of the contract, you have the option to either continue your agreement or terminate the contract.

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