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Maintenance costs remain with TED Gen

monitoring remains responsibility of TED Gen

savings against tariff for the full term

Utilise recaptured waste heat

Material Financial Savings

The experience of our team guarantees that maximum financial savings are delivered that match your energy demand throughout the entirety of your contract.

Our experience ensures that the, week and year of operation for the energy produced by the OEC.

  • Energy savings are ensured
  • No capital expenditure
  • No ongoing costs

Reliable Technology

TED Gen have invested in reliable technology solutions that are ensured to benefit your business.

  • Innovative CHP generators
  • Sector leading performance guaranteed

Customer Risk Transfer

TED Gen regulalry support customers in a wide range of industries with our leading CHP solutions.

  • Savings are a certainty
  • Ensured technology performance
  • Installation costs and maintenance costs covered

TED Gen can supply you with the perfect CHP Solution!

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

By implementing a CHP solution with TED Gen, you are ensured to make substantial energy savings all year round.

  • Up to 40% CO2emissions saving on the energy produced
  • CSR compliance
  • In-line with government policies

Installation Services

Our comprehensive installation services are guaranteed to get your CHP system up and running in the quickest possible time.

  • Business continuity maintained
  • Indoor, outdoor and bespoke facility location installations available

Lifetime Support

TED Gen are committed to providing all of our CHP customers with lifetime support solutions to help optimise productivity.

  • Detailed and regular performance monitoring
  • Benefit from a leading maintenance programme
  • Continuous performance enhancement

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