Our Commitment

Experienced Partner Network

Our partner organisations have developed, installed and maintained CHP solutions for nearly 20 years and continue to invest and innovate both in technology and performance development, creating confidence in supply and support.

Our Unique approach

TED Gen is different to many other providers of On-Site Generation solutions.

Our model is truly a partnership and designed in such a way that if our customers are not saving money then we are not receiving our investment back. This ensures we provide the highest standards of plant, maintenance and customer care during the install and after.

Customer Focused solution

Our Assess, Design, Build, Maintain and Support (ADBMS) approach ensures that a tailored solution is delivered that fits our customers unique requirements for electricity and heat supply.

Management Experience

Decades of experience gained by TED Gen and partners including, financial and investment models, technology solutions, UK energy strategy and customer service. When combined ensure the best holistic and long-term solution for our customers.

Sector Experience

Deep sector experience accessed through our network of specialists providing insight and practical knowledge of our customers business operations.

A CHP system can save your business thousands!

Long Term Business Continuity

In guaranteeing our customer’s security of energy supply and long-term savings, TEDGEN is underpinned by a sound financial base with trusted investors who are committed to our long term future.

Singular focus on our customers

Our business is dedicated to On-Site Energy Generation and supporting energy reduction technologies. We are not distracted by other energy solutions and the potential conflicts they may present

Committed and shared benefit incentives

Our customer’s energy operations and savings objectives are also our objectives. Delivering superior operational performance ensures our customers and TEDGEN deliver long term material benefits together

What our customers say...

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